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FPS Zombie Survival Update #8 - V1.0.3 Released:

Click here to play! Video is below.

Unity 3D - Oculus Rift - Virtual Worlds - Update #1:

Check out this Oculus Rift game where you build can build things!

FPS Zombie Survival V1.0.2 Released:

After a few tests and getting everything ported over to WebGL this game should be ready for the public. Much more is planned for this game. Certain things have been stripped from it, like: Sniper rifles, the ability to carry two weapons, and more. The reason for this is because WebGL is still new and is in the preview stage from Unity. A lot of optimization on my end has gone into this and I plan to keep on pushing updates with more content as well as continuing to make it run better.
As far as my testing has gone, firefox is hands down the best web browser to use for any WebGL game. Enough talking.. Click here to play!

2D Space Exploration V1.0.2 Released:

V1.0.2 adds instructions and WebGL support. Click here to play it!

Run V1.0.4 rebuilt with WebGL:

I have now rebuilt Run so it is using WebGL instead of Unity's default Web Player. Chrome no longer supports Unity's Web Player and this solves that issue. Here is what the new version looks like:

Run V1.0.4 rebuilt with WebGL

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